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Posts made by WallyKowal


Plugins have gone missing

It appears that after I upgraded Askimet, all my plugins have disappeared. There is a notice at the top of my WP-Admin screen that recommends I install several plugins, but when I do that the install fails because the directories already exist.

I checked on cPanel and the plugin directories and files are there, but WP-Admin cannot see them. The folder permission is 755.

Now my site does noit render properly as one of the missing plugins is Eski Shortcodes.


Changing background colors of text input boxes in Mommerce

How do I change the background color for text input boxes like comments or contact forms? In the Mommerce Vintage theme, all backgrounds are white so user input boxes are not obvious. Alternatively, can I create a grey outline or drop shadow around input boxes? Thanks.


Division by zero error messages at top of product page

My Mill site displays two "division by zero" error messages after the breadcrumbs but before the product itself. See for example. This started after my latest update.

WordPress V 4.6.1 Mill V 2.0.21 WooCommerce V 2.6.8