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Font Awesome Icons Not Rendering

Hello support,

Love the theme. I have actually had three different clients buy it so I could build on it for them, so flexible, truly awesome. I am trying to get the Font Awesome Icons to render on the site and the shortcodes dont seem to work. For example, on this page: I have used the shortcode from the documentation page and the icons do not show up.

[row] [column width="one-quarter"]


Metrolium has responsive design which means that it works beautifully across smartphones, tablets and desktop.

[/column] [column width="one-quarter"] [/column] [column width="one-quarter"] [/column] [column width="one-quarter"] [/column] [/row]

I looked at the font Awesome website, and the class="fa fa-tablet" instead of class="icon-tablet So, this works: but I am thinking I need to update something in the theme files to get the Font Awesome Icons working, is there an update to the code, or theme files I can make? Or, can you please tell me what the proper syntax is for the Font Awesome Icons and Metrolium v1.2.23?

Thank You, Chris


Columns Shortcode Not Working - Homepage 4 (Corporate) Accordions

Hello Support,

I am using the code from the Homepage 4 (Corporate) documentation and the Coulmns arent working properly. Just wondering if you can help me get the Company overview and the accordions working side by side like in the demo.

Thank You, Chris