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Padding Before Layerslider

Hi there guys, As below in the attached image you will see I am having an issue with their being some padding between the top shadow directly under the menu navigation, and the first layer slider that is on the page. As seen on a few of your pages for the Metrolium demo, I would love to know how to remove this padded area.

For your reference, I have built this locally so unfortunately I cannot grant you access to view. Additionally, I have added the layer shortcode [layerslider id="7"] to the beginning of the page without any other text before this so I was under the impression that the slider would be showing up directly under the horizontal shadow without the padding.

Thanks for your help.



Layer Slider WP

Hi guys,

For some reason the Layer Slider WP is not displaying on certain browsers.

I have attached a screenshot with the settings of the slider. Additionally, if you go to the homepage of the site you should find the slider displayed at the top of the page.

Thanks for your help.



Mobile Navigation

I'm having the same issue as the thread below and am not sure if this is resolved with the latest version of the theme download. Can you please confirm if you have the seperate js file for download (I can't see it since the thread is now closed), or can this be found in the latest update. Thanks.


Mobile Navigation Menu

Hi guys, I am having the same issue as discussed here:

*As per the discussion thread I have uploaded the latest file and emptied the site cache however the problem still persists. (when clicking on the top menu items they only OPEN & CLOSE the dropdowns - I can't access the parent pages) Please see the site and mobile navigation parent menu items that I cannot access: Cheese cellar Cheese range Our journey Thank you for your assistance in resolving this matter.