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Portfolio filter not working


I'm having trouble making the portfolio page filter working. I've created two portfolio items, under two different categories and set the portfolio page to a blank page called "the farmers" If it helps, you can see a link to the page here When you click on a filter the page just reloads and changes the url but does not filter any of the content.

I would like to get it to filter the portfolio items using isotope like it does on the demo of metrolium.

Many thanks for your help, and also for such a great theme.




Navigate through Portolfio items

Hi guys

Currently when you view a portfolio item you are unable to navigate to the next portfolio item, you have to click back to see what is next. Now I have about 50 portfolio items. So when you want to go through each portfolio item it is quite annoying to have to go back and forth to view every portfolio. It would work better if there was a way to navigate to the next portfolio item from within a portfolio item and not to have to go back.

I know there are the related portfolio items at the bottom, but none of the settings within this enable you to select an option which will display the portfolio items next to the current portfolio item you're currently looking at.

Is there a way to either: add some sort of left and right navigation arrows, so you can view the portfolios either side of the one you're on. Or make the bottom boxes display portfolio items next to the one you're on.

I understand that this is more of a request - so feel free to not help. But I figured as you made it, you might know a solution before I try and attempt one myself.

If you want to have a look, this is the portfolio page I'm working on: The website should be going live tomorrow night!

Also, just to say that I've made quite a number of websites using wordpress templates, and this has to be one of the ones which I've found easiest to use, and versatile. So good job!

Many thanks



Revolution Slider Buggy in Wordpress 3.8.1


Any chance you could update the version of revolution slider within the theme? Currently the version you have is 3.0.5, and they are now on 4.1.4. It has become buggy with this wordpress update, namely you can no longer reorganise the slides in the order you want.

Many thanks



Recent Post Widget Category Options Not Available

Hi there!

Within the widgets included in the theme you have one called "Recent Posts". Under the description it states: "Display your recent entries, optionally from a specific post format and/or category."

However, the only options available are: "Title" "Number of Posts to Show" "Post Type" "Order by" "Show images" "Show Post date"

Any ideas on why the option of choosing what category to display is not available and how to fix it? I imagine you probably don't work on this much anymore however a response would be appreciated.

Many thanks