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Changing colors of social icons


There is no way to change them via the admin panel, the only way to do it is with CSS. You can add your own custom CSS snippets under Appearance > Theme Options > Global.

.social-icon { background-color: #e6e6e6; }

That snippet should get you started.

Hope this helps



Font issue - Character "Ő" and "ő" not showing up correctly

Hi there,

I'm using the theme for a Hungarian site and the default font is not handling the "Ő" and "ő" characters on Mac. Is there any way to fix this? Check out the screenshots.


Customize the services icons on the frontpage


I'd like to use different icons on the frontpage - I'm talking about those gray, rounded icons (see attachment).

Can I create my own and upload it somehow? Or is there a set of icons that I could use?



Translation related questions in theory


I'm trying to translate my Metrolium Site to other languages. So the goal is to have a multilingual site, with flags on the frontpage, so the user could select which language it wants.

  1. Download POedit and translate your PHP codes "words" into the other language.

Question 1: I see that on POEDIT's website my language is fully translated, can't I use that instead of manually translating everything?

Question 2: what if I translated everything, I set the default language to a new one, and then what? I want my site to be multilingual, not just a one-language site. How do I make the user be able to choose from languages?

  1. Translate your content.

Question 3: How can I do that, should I use an other plugin (like Qtranslate) to be able to do that?

Question 4: How do I set it up so that I can have a /en or /de at the end of the URL and the user would see the translated content on those URLs?



Number of blogposts to show on the /blog page

Hello! Is there a way to set a default value for the number of blogposts on the blog page? So it would not show only 4 but whatever number? I tried to look for it without success. Thanks


Too wide blog on the classic frontpage

Hello! If you go my site: - you can see that the left side of the Blog on the bottom of the frontpage is not aligned with the rest of the frontpage (it is wider than it should be.) This makes the left side of the latest blogs not fully visible on mobile. Here's a screenshot:


Portfolio load shortcode


Is there a way to use the portfolio shortcode to show only a certain category of the portfolio? So could I add something to this: [portfolio load="4" columns="4" orderby="menu_order" showtitle="yes" showdate="no"]


Portfolio page "other projects" category specification

Is there a way to make the following work:

I have X portfolio project in Y category. On the portfolio page of X, is it possible somehow to show only OTHER Y category portfolio projects (in the other projects section). By default it's mixed with all kinds of projects from other categories and it doesn't really make sense.



Having 2 separate, fully functioning portfolio pages


I'm wondering if there's a way to have 2 different portfolio pages, separately with this theme? With different category separator on the top of the portfolio page. Thanks!


Next/Prev picture button is not working in portfolio gallery on Win8/Chrome

On specific portfolio pages, I have image galleries (just like on the demo site: but the "pager", next/prev buttons are not working at all on Windows8 and using Chrome. I can only slide the images with the cursor or clicking on the thumbnail images, but the buttons are not working at all.

Is there any way to fix that?


Blog load code - weird styling


I'm trying to do the following 3 quaters of featured blog posts, 1 quarter of newest blog post.

So I have the 3 quarter working, it loads 3 articles tagged with the "featured" category but the 4th one, that should load the newest article (or the one I tag with "new" category is either not showing up or it's weirdly styled. See screenshot:

Here's the code I'm using, is anything wrong here? [row] [column width="three-quarter"]


[blog load="3" columns="3" showimage="yes" category="featured" showexcerpt="no" boxed="no" orderby="date"] [/column] [column width="one-quarter"]


[blog load="1" columns="1" showimage="no" category="new" showexcerpt="no" boxed="yes"] [/column] [/row]


Colors not matching under "customize" are not reflecting on the website

This website is now functioning for several months: and it had the correct colors that I set in the Customize menu.

Now all of a sudden it switched back to the original color scheme and in the meantime it still has the colors set that I customized. What went wrong? We didn't update WP or anything on the website. Please advice!


How to create landing (sub)page with your pre-done homepage template

Hi guys!

I'm using your template on my website for 2 years now and it's one of the best ones I've seen!

Here's my problem: I'd like to create a landing page (as a subpage) on my website, for advertising purposes, I'd like to link my upcoming ads to this landing page. I'd like to make this page very nice, like the home page template called "Marketing" on your demo site (my website's home page uses the "Classic" home page template btw). I'd like to replicate that but I don't know how to do it from scratch. I know that when I installed the theme I had it as a dummy page, but I must have deleted it and I was wondering if you could give it to me separately somehow. I'll obviously tweak it but I need to see how it's put together so I could customize it.

Do you think there's a solution for this issue? Thank you!


My site doesn't load the CSS all of a sudden

Hi! I'm using this great theme for 2 years now and for some reason, my website is not pulling the CSS.

  • I haven't touched anything on the site in the past 7 days, not even uploading content or modifying css or anything.
  • Interestingly, when I log in as an admin, I see the site with the CSS, but not as an anonymus user.

I had website caching on the site, but I emptied all caches and the problem still exists. Please help.


Full width blog post

Can I somehow make the blog posts to be full width in this theme? I don't want any sidebars as I have wide content to be shown.



How to remove gap between header and alternative band?

I start the page with an alternative band - but (see attachment) there's a gap between the header and the content area. How should I fix it? Here's the shortcode I have on my page:

[band variation="alternative" backgroundimage="linktoimage" paddingtop="-30px" paddingbottom="50px"]

[row verticallyalign="yes"]



What is wrong here?