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Posts made by pcmichiana


Found An Issue With Registration Page

Registration page simply reloads and does not function correctly. I had to rename themes/mill/woocommerce/myaccount/form-login.php to form-login.old in order to let Woocommerce use the default form login form.

Please let me know if you fix this.


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Eski_WooCommerce

After enabling the new theme I am getting the error above.

I use NetBeans and did a Find... in the entire directory for the class declaration of Eski_WooCommerce but only find the result in woocommerce.php

Not sure why it's throwing this message if there's only a single declaration?

Please help!


Product Page Only Showing 2 Columns Per Row After Update

Just updated to the latest version of Mill and it only shows 2 columns per row on homepage. There was someone else with the same problem but never posted a solution.