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Sometimes a bug is small enough that it can be squashed with a simple file change. We don't want users to have to wait for an update on ThemeForest to get their site working at maximum potential, so here we will include all hotfixes so you can keep enjoying Metrolium.


Help with Customizations

So you need help with customizations? Below you will find a list of websites that allow you to search for freelance individuals that can swoop in and fix your web development troubles.

We are not recommending any of the following sites but merely listing them for you to explore. We are in no way affiliated with any of the sites, nor do we take any responsibility for any work you have carried out. It's also important to remember that we will not support customisations made by you or any professional you might enlist.

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Read Before Posting

Welcome to the new Mommerce support forum.

Mommerce is our second release after Metrolium - our first WordPress theme that we released back in June 2013. Since supporting Metrolium we have learnt a lot about support, and whilst we had a good idea of what to expect it quickly became apparent that it took up a LOT of our time. We have received a lot of great feedback regarding our support, however, we haven't been strictly following the rules that we ourselves outlined in our support policy.

We wrote the support policy to manage expectations of what exactly we cover, whilst we will gladly answer your questions about our themes, help you find your way around and fix any bugs that are found, too often we have found ourselves helping out with highly bespoke and custom development work, free of charge. Whilst this work was always appreciated, going forward this is something we cannot continue to do as it simply takes up far too much of our time, preventing us from further developing our themes with new features and updates, and also in creating new ones.

So, from this point on, we will be strictly adhering to our support policy for all of our products. You can still expect the same high quality and friendly support from us, however we can no longer go way above and beyond our support policy. We're not trying to be rude, so please don't be offended when requests for help with customizations and bespoke work are met with the same response; "sorry, we can't help you".

We have created a sticky post titled "Help with Customizations" which will contain a list of resources around the internet to help you in finding a developer to assist with any customization work you might have.

We hope you enjoy using our themes :)

David & Matt


Mommerce Update v1.0.1 Released


On the 17th of March we pushed a very small update to ThemeForest that fixes a few bugs related to plugins and PHP compatability, the exact contains of the update are listed below:

Folder structure of
Missing file extension on LayerSlider preventing plugin being installed.
Tabs shortcode styling improved on smaller devices.
Adding support for PHP 5.2.