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Child theme installs but will not activate


For some reason my Metrolium child theme isn't uploading to Wordpress. The parent zip uploads no problem, but when I try to do the same for the child, it states that the parent theme is missing (although it is already activated). I know it has something to do with the downloaded folders but I am not that familiar with coding. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can proceed?

Many thanks,



Header Questions


I was wondering three things about the header: how can text be centered vertically (not horizontally across the screen, but between the highest and lowest points on the screen)? How can the blocks around the text in the header be made invisible so that the background shines through? And how to add a custom background, not just a color.

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Reduce size of YouTube embed on screen


I don't mean to sound brash, but I have posted several times on this forum and so far have receive no response. As a paying customer, I am hoping for some type of expediency on this.

My question is: is it possible to reduce the size of a video on the front end? I am trying to add testimonial videos, but no matter how I play with the dimensions, it always ends up taking up the whole screen on the actual website. Is there any code I can add to alleviate this problem?

I hope to hear back soon. Thank you.