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Question about Projects and Masonry

I'm trying to set up a picture section on my wife's website:

She would like to add all pictures with their descriptions to the portfolio page and be able to filter through the photos using the filters across the top of the page. Each photo needs to be able to be clicked and the light box pop without taking it to the project page.

Is this possible without having to make a page for each picture in order for it to be filtered through?



Can't get portfolio to work

I can't get the portfolio to work on my wife's website.

I've specified where I would like the portfolio to appear in the appearance options; a page called 'projects'.

The page is available and has been edited to fit the content in the pages menu within wordpress. The projects have also been set up in the projects section of the portfolio with all their gallery images.

I had it working as it should have been. Clicking the 'Project Gallery' link should be linking to the portfolio, but it is saying the page can not be found. Trying to access the 'projects' page directly is coming up with a 404 error.

I wanted to migrate some of the images from using Nextgen's gallery to using the Mommerce's portfolio/project gallery. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong as it was working, but then stopped working after I started editing some stuff that wasn't related in the least bit to the portfolio and it's settings. I uninstalled Nextgen's plugin and activated woocommerce invoice/delivery slip plugins.

Website: Many thanks!


Latest Wordpress, fresh installation, Mill theme activation kills site

I've got a fresh installation of Wordpress (4.0.1) and have installed Mill. If I try to activate it or even preview it the site will stop working and I get a blank page. The only way to recover is to remove the mill theme from the ftp server. Installing via upload theme or via ftp results with the same problem.

Any help would be very much appreciated!


Profile shortcode not working

I'm trying to use the profile shortcode and so far it just isn't working. I'm using the example from the documentation:

[person name="Richard Branson" note="Founder and Chairman" email="" twitter=""]*content*[/person]

And instead of being parsed, it is just showing on the web page as it appears in the editor window. Am I doing something wrong?