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Missing page templates

Hi I'm running Mill Original (child theme) on my wordpress site but it doesn't seem lige I have any page templates just a standard page and a page with parallax band. It says that there it would be "packed with a dozen useful page templates to get you started".

I tried importing the demo pages but then it would only show portfolio. Schoulk I start over or?

Kind regards Camilla


Product images size - what dimentions


I can't seem to figure out the correct image size for mill original to use in my products they get to big and blurry. I have tried figuring it out by checking the demo code but that doesn't work either

KInd regards Camilla Ry


Featured products

2 questions:

  • Is it possible to make more than one group of featured products or do I have to make it as product categories

  • on my front page I have specified the show featured products to show 6 and it worked previously, but now it only show 5 consequently


Upgrade to Mill - site front- and back-end now blank

I have been waiting a bit to upgrade to mill because of christmas shopping etc. In the event that it would chrash.

And it did. I uploaded mill and mill-child --> activated and now my entire site is left blank both back-end and front-end.

What can I do


Mill looks totally diffrent than Mommerce


I downloaded the newest Mill version today from this site, and tried to swich theme but by page looked completely different

The background became brown it had changed to boxed layout and it was looking all square, angled and dark not round and lihgt like Mommerce.

What can I have done wrong

This is the site with mommerce I had to change back as it looked really ugly with mill.

But I would like to be able to upgrade in the future


product tumbnails and add to basket on category page

I have more than one picture on my product, but they don't have the same size, so on the category pages I would like that it doesn't change picture on mouse-over. Is that possible, can I do something so it only show my featured image.

And is it possible to get an add to basket button on the category page too as I have seen on other pages using the woocommerce plugin


Payment options double

At checkout the payment and terms-acceptance comes twice. The problem is not a WooCommerce problem but something in the theme