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Install demo content problem

Hi, I'm a new starter with wordpress, I didn't found in the forum the answer to solve my problem. I liked to install demo data as shown in your live preview at Envato Themeforest shown on this link (white background, font Roboto etc) So I try to copy a exact copy of your live preview as shown on the link.

I installed all demo content & sliders 'Original' as provided by David. Still I can't figger out why colors, fonts and menu are not the same as in above link. I tried a clean install of WP but still the same. Could you have a look ?

Thanks in advance...


Cutomizeing not reflecting on website

Hi, I tried to install sample 'Original' but I don't get it to work, as the customizing don't work either on the website.

Here is what I did wp-customizer = 777 (included sub folders) assets = 777 (included sub folders) wp-cutomizer = writable in the theme Through tools/import the "original" files and slides from here (david)

Even installed a new version of WP Delete & installed new version of Mill and Mill-child

css.stylesheet is writable LayersliderWP is working correctly

I'm really out of options here

What to do?

I just want a clean setup of Original in the state of the demo view, what shall I do, and more important how to get layout and fonts, colors etc as demo view Mill on your website or as the themeforest website?!


Upgrade steps

Can you provide me how to install the latest upgrade in Mill? Can I just upload the new upgrade as NewTheme?

Thanks in advance